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What is trash?

Trash is new-age cyber collective, community and a gang active in vast areas of art, social, visual, music and fashion. More about trash.

Do we ship to you?

We ship almost everywhere on earth, a tracking number is available with every package as well and will be sent via email the day it leaves the office. Please enter your address in the Latin alphabet. If you live in an area that is not covered by our shipping system, please contact us, we will try to process your order manually.

How long does it take for my package to be shipped?

We first need to process the order, that can take up to a week. Approximate shipping time is shown next to the shipping method visible at checkout. If this is not seen please contact us at info@trash-gang.com


You should get an email or sms after the package has been shipped.

More about shipping here.

My package did not yet arrive

Check the tracking ↑↑↑ if you still don't know what is happening or it's taking to long, contact us in the form below.

What currency do you accept?

We manage our shop in €. When an order is paid for with PayPal or a credit card your bank will convert it to € automatically.


All our clothing are sized to USA/EU size. Due to our style, all our clothes are to some extent oversized. More information is available on the product itself.

Sold out products

Some products have a limited stock size. If the system states that a is sold out, then it's no longer available at the moment. We restock some of the items but there is no plan or guarantee for it.

Are gift cards available?

Yes, we offer gift cards between the amount of €10,00 and €200,00, follow this link.

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