About Trash

Trash is newage cyber collective, community and a gang active in wast areas of art, social, visual, music and fashion.

The main driving force behind all of this is a cyber collective or better called: a gang of artist who found their place in the modern virtual life which bleeds and connect with the "real" world more and more to the point that it becomes the only true reality there is.


The route of the movement can be traced to the different cultural aspect and influence that comes from Animes. Animes opened a lot of new visual and cultural references to the ways of Western culture, that was not present before. From that its own subculture was formed which is heavily focused on visuals and themes connected to pessimism, nihilism, depression, death, occultism, dark fantasy, dystopian reality, mysticism, techno future, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic and many more alike.

This all lead to a moment that the movement also heavily connected to the music genre which is associated to modern rap, trap, mumble rap, hardcore and the rise of SoundCloud with the most noticeable artist being Lil Peep, Suicide boys, and XXXTentacion.

In that time Facebook was on its peak and our site that had already more the one million likes was taken down. From the initial loss, we gained new motivation for creating different and uniqe material. Till then we focused on creating still visuals but we felt that we can create video edits which could resonate with the already associated community. Youtube was the medium that provided us with all the necessary tools. From the beginning, we created edits for the artist that we connected the most but also tried to experiment with new and lesser known material.


One of the things we experimented was making music videos that heavily relied on creating a whole new experience connecting the flow of the music with the visual part. Focusing especially on the beat proved to be crucial. Using niche retro cartoons also added a connecting layer with the dark and occult layer which was an unexpected source at the time. The idea aligned perfectly with the upcoming artist Ghostmane with who we quickly establish a creative connection. We continued and evolved the style and partially made Ghostemane aesthetics for which he is known by. He is still associated with us and our connection is still growing strong.

In the meantime, we also found a focus point. Aesthetics which we already had in our core. AMV, Anime music videos, they are still one of the most well-received videos categories published by us. We also publish a lot of "conventional" music videos for our associations from the underground music industry. But they still need to be evolved in a TRASH direction that we found with the previously mentioned.

One of our strongholds proved to be clothing. The opportunity arise organically from our passion for visuals and the already active web store offering TRASH promotional wear. The clothing line is now to be transformed into becoming a fashion Brand.


Trash is getting bigger by the day but its core will surely stay unchanged. Giving opportunity and connecting people to the underground. We see our biggest strength giving a voice to the ones whos voice would not be like to be heard in the mass media. Shouting out unwanted content quickly hit the corporate wall and despite having millions of followers till this day we are not monetized in any way or form.

So the TRASH  ideology is to be true to its followers and stay independent and not corporate sellouts. Because of this TRASH will become the biggest thing that the underground sow.